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Nature's blessing in a juice

Useful in all kinds of Diabetes, mental stress, arthriis, back pain, muscular & joint pain
Helpful in liver infection, dysfunction of liver & kidney due to consumption of alcohal.
Effective for hyper acidity, ulcer of stomach & intestine, loss of appetite.
Useful in gas, constipation, weakness of heart, high cholesterol, uncontrol blood pressure, tension & tiredness.

Take 10-20ml. with one cup water
Or as directed by the physician

500ml. - INR 210/-
1Ltr. - INR 380/-

Aloevera - (Ghrit kanwar) Lf. - 5gms./-
Stevia madhu patri - (Stevia rebaudians) Lf. - 30 mgs./-
Tulsi - (Ocimum Sanctum) Lf. - 100mgs./-