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Take a dip in the goodness of apple

Light and non greasy, it penetrates deep to restore moisture content and make your skin soft and smooth.
It is enriched with apple, whose Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) tone, soften and moisturise.
It also contais Grapes & Wheatgerm Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E.
Basil has powerful anti-oxidant properties that prevent damage caused by sun-rays and pollution.

Apply all over body evenly with soft hand in circular movement especially in dry area like elbow & knees.
For best results, apply immediately after bath/shower.

100ml - INR 100/-

Each ml. contains:
Sabe Fr. Ext. - - 20mg./-
Godhuma Oil - - 10mg./-
Fragrance - Colour Fast Green FEF (C-42053) - Tartrazine 1140-N/-
Lotion Base Q.S. - - /-
Methylparaben IP - Propyl-paraben IP - EDTA/-
Angur Sd. Oil. - - 5mg./-
Basil Ess. Oil. - - 2mg./-