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AD KESH Herbal Hair Oil > <

Black Magic in a bottle

Grow Hair & Stops falling of hair.
Prevents Dandruff, Hair loss Due to Diseases of Hair Bed & Hair Root Damage caused by Chemicals/Cosmetics.

For Gents: Apply gently with the finger tips 3-5ml. of ADKES Hair oil so that it is completely absorbed in the scalp. Let ADKESH Hair oil act for 6-8 hours.
For Long Hair: Apply gently with finger tips daiy, if possible, or on alternate days to the scalp 5-7ml. of ADKEASH Hair Oil so that the oil is completely absorbed in the scalp . Let it act for 6-8 hours.

120ml. - INR 120/-

Each 10ml. contain of:
Harar - - 250mg./-
Bahera - - 250mg./-
Jatamansi - - 125mg./-
Neem - - 250mg./-
Nagarmotha - - 250mg./-
Asal Rai - - 125mg./-
Ghee Kuwari - - 250mg./-
Nimbu - - 125mg./-
OIL OF: - Erand - 2ml./-
Amla - - 0.06ml./-
Bhringraj - - 0.03ml./-
Mehndi - - 0.04ml./-
Til q.s. - - /-