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Anti- bacterial, Anti- microbial, Anti-septic, Anti-oxidant
Anti-biotic, Anti- cough, cold & fever, Best water Purifier.

Take 1 drop of AD Tulsi in a glass of water or tea 4-5 times a day
or as directed by the physician

25ml - INR 195/-

Ocimum Gratissimum - (Lf.) - 2.00ml./-
Ocimum Sanctum - (Lf.) - 2.00ml./-
Ocimum Bassillicum - (Lf.) - 2.00ml./-
Ocimum Kilimandscharcum - (Lf.) - 1.00ml./-
Ocimum Canum - (Lf.) - 1.00ml./-