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Satrt your day Lemon Fresh

Naturcure face wash is a herbal formulation that gently cleanses dirt & oil and prevents pimples .
Neem & haridra kill germs
It makes skin fresh, smooth & beautiful.

Moisten face, Apply a small quanntity of face wash.
work up lather in a circular motion.
wash off and pat dry.

100ml. - INR 145/-

Each ml. contains:
Nimbu Ext. - - 50mg./-
Cucumber Fr. Ext. - - 0.3mg./-
Neem Lf. Ext. - - 0.1mg./-
Sehad - Fragrance - /-
Face wash baase Q.S. - - /-
Haridra Rt. Ext. - - 0.4mg./-